How do I list

To list on the Genderbuzz Directory, your business must be:

At least 50% female-owned


50% female-led

How much does it cost and what do I get?

Introductory offer £12.99 a month excl. VAT

Purchased as the following packages



billed 6 monthly

excl. VAT



billed annually

excl. VAT

Your own fully searchable listing on the Genderbuzz Directory

Data analytics into your inbox detailing enquiries for your business which have come directly via

Access to your monthly online mentoring sessions with our CEO Natasha Stromberg.

Your discount on membership of IPSE – The voice of the U.K’s self-employed.

Exclusive access to the Genderbuzz weekly newsletter where you’ll get the lowdown on ALL the latest happenings in our push for parity.

Promotion of your business on the Genderbuzz social Media channels

Weekly ‘Office Buddy’ Zoom Room to hangout with other Genderbuzzers and talk life and business

Listing information

Each Genderbuzz listing is sold as a minimum six month listing.

Why is this? Because, we have learnt from experience that developing business relationships takes time and we believe that you have the capability to build strong, innovative and profitable businesses over the long term and a six month listing gives you that opportunity.

For your convenience, your listing will be automatically renewed on your expiration date to ensure you always maintain visibility for your business  on

Are you a Women’s network, Blogger or Vlogger?

If so, we want to say right now that we love and value the work you’re doing to push for gender parity and female empowerment. However, sadly we are unable to accept you as a lister on Genderbuzz at this time. The reason being that we are focused on building a marketplace for goods and services to increase female wealth through buying and selling.

You can however count on our continued support you via the Genderbuzz social media channels.

Real Women. Real Business.